Burmese cats cattery
breeder-felinologist - Lilia Platonova
+7 (906) 140 16 98
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Ulyanovsk city

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Sun Aili *RU

Monobreed cattery of European Burmese cats.
Sun Aili *RU cattery was created in 2013.
Creators of the cattery - breeder-felinologist Lilia Platonova and Alina Platonova. The cattery is registered in the IFA and WCF systems.

Phone:+7 (906) 140 16 98

E-mail: sun.aili.burmese@gmail.com

Ulyanovsk region
New White Yar village
Sovetskaya street, 27

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Sun Aili cattery registered in IFA and WCF

Certificate of cattery IFA
Certificate of cattery IFA

International Feline Association
Certificate of cattery No.1961/RU
This certificate gives the cattery the name "Sun Aili"
Breeder Platonova Lilia
the name is protected by the IFA Tribal Commission in all the IFA clubs of the CIS countries indefinitely
Chairperson of the IFA Tribal Commission Osipova E.O.
President of the IFA Shevchenko E.A.

Breeder-felinologist Lilia Platonova

felinologist Lilia Platonova

The cattery is the most reliable place to buy your pet.
In the cattery you will be given advice on caring for the animals. The felinologist will tell you how to grow this particular breed. The breeder will expertly and patiently answer all your questions, tell you about everything related to cultivation.
Thanks to the close cooperation between the breeder and the owner, the kitten purchased in the cattery will grow and only please you!

Certificate of completion of courses and qualifications of Lilia

Felinologist Qualification Certificate
Felinologist Qualification Certificate

International Felinological Association FARUS
Issued by: Platonov Lily Arifovna
The fact that she took a course at the felinological courses of the club "LOY"
Qualification Exam was awarded with a grade of Excellent
By the decision of the Qualification Commission, the qualification "FELINOLOGIST" was awarded

The courses included the following disciplines:

  • Genetics
  • Pedigree breeding
  • Felinological systems
  • Exhibition Rules
  • Veterinary Medicine

Course Director - International Category Expert AB Sinitsa O.A.

Date 09/20/2014

Felinologist Breeder Certificate
Felinologist Breeder Certificate

International Feline Association
Felinological Center "Felissent"

Felinologist Breeder Certificate
No. MFA-RU-FS-019-FB-2014

This document confirms that Platonova Lilia attended the theoretical course of the seminar.

  1. first day
    • Feed Iams
    • Daily grooming - Olga Sapunova (Moscow)
    • Exhibition rules of the IFA, documentation, the main provisions of breeding - Ukhanova I.
  2. second day
    • Feed Roayl Canin
    • Grooming exhibition - Sapunova Olga (Moscow)
    • Fundamentals of color genetics, genetic defects, features of breeding popular breeds - Ukhanova I.

Date - November 20-21, 2014

Felinology Certificate
Felinology Certificate

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Ryazan State Agrotechnical University named after P.A. Kostychev

This certificate certifies that Platonova Lilia Arifovna
received information and consulting services in the field of felinology on the following issues:

  • biological and veterinary aspects of felinology
  • organizational and legal aspects of breeding in felinology

May 24, 2019


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