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Burmese toilet in a new house

Moving to a new home is stressful for the baby and we want to give you tips for faster adaptation of our graduates in your home.So let's get started.

Probably the most disappointing thing for people who first decided to buy a cat will be failures with accustoming to the restroom ....

What should I do to avoid this? It's simple -

  1. Before kitten arrival, buy a pot and filler.
  2. Put the pot in the room where the baby cat will be.
  3. Spend the first days with your burmash all time!
  4. Well, now more ...

    We don’t use cat filler as little kittens can eat it! Therefore, you can choose which one you like or do without it. However, addiction will be faster if you throw a handful of wood, mineral or silicone mixture in the pot.

    The room should be limited in area - SMALL so the burmese can easily navigate what and where. It is important that upon arrival you catch the first moment when the kitty wants to cope. This will tell you the behavior of the Burmese, it will become fussy, it will look for a quiet, secluded place, will dig a hole in floor or begin to meow.

    You need independently plant the first days more often in his toilet after eating, drinking or sleeping. If you didn’t catch the moment and the Burmese went “wrong”, don’t get upset and DO NOT scold the kid, this will only push him away from you and draw him into more stress.

    Giv the paper napkin into the puddle, let it sniff, and then put the napkin in the tray, put babycat in the cat’s toilet.

    Treat the contaminated area with a disinfectant, steam clean or wash it at high temperature, spray with an odor control product or a mixture with orange essential oil.

    If the situation repeats - PLEASE pay attention - maybe your tray, wood sawdust(mineral or silicone mixture) or the place itself is NOT convenient !!! (more often a poorly chosen place). Change the location to begin with, change the tray and the filler.

    Our Burmese alumni tend to adapt easily when a new house.

    If you still have questions about this topic, we will be happy to answer them.


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