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Achievements of our burmese cattery

International Cat Show - "Autumn Delight!"

Ulyanovsk city, November 16-17, 2019

Cats show 2019

We performed with dignity and were able to demonstrate three representatives at once of a beautiful breed of burmese! Young cats-breeders debuted. Competitions are often tiring, but they bring a lot of positive exciting moments and emotions. At the show, Vassabi became even closer to me - we are now good friends! And Onlik behaved in a businesslike manner, was serious and guarded Vassabi all the time. Each felinologist is interested in the opinion of an expert and an experienced assessment of the animal. After all, the breeder loves all the inhabitants of the cattery! We took a worthy second place.

Sun Aili Unshiu BURb

Junior champion (JCAC), Best Kitten!

Lilia with UnshiuCertificateDiploma

Sun Aili Only You BURn

Champion (JСАС)

Lilia with Only YouCertificateDiploma

Hamumaby Vassaby BURn

Junior champion (JCAC)

Lilia with VassabyCertificateDiploma


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