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How to feed a Burmese cat (kitten)

Diet Ingredients

  • young beef (veal)
  • beef heart
  • beef liver
  • turkey filet
  • chicken offal
    • hearts
    • stomachs
    • neck
  • dairy products
  • boiled boneless sea fish
  • whole quail eggs or chicken yolk
  • vegetables and cereals

Meat component 70-80%. Don’t cook! All meat ingredients are raw! Before feeding, the finished mixture must be frozen for 3-7 days in a freezer at t -18 C

Instructions for the natural feeding of an adult cat

Animals of the nursery are on mixed nutrition. In the morning and in the evening we feed them with natural food and for the rest of the day they have free access to dry food and water. The number of feedings with natural food in kittens is 3-4 times, in adults - 2 times a day.

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