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The star and the queen - they are different, they are the same

The first burmese cats cattery

Hello dear readers!

I want to tell you my story of the appearance of a Burmese cat in my house.

Arriving at the cattery to choose a kitten, I saw my beautiful Samira. At first glance, I fell in love with her and the cat moved to live with us. She became ours in every way. Our favorite, our daughter, our doctor, our psychotherapist.

In the same cattery, I saw a burmese of chocolate color and to my joy that I have Samira, I had a dream. Buy a chocolate girlfriend for Samira. I was very slowly but surely walking towards my dream. And oh, joy! A chocolate came to our house - Cassiopeia (in home - Casia).

Another life began. Samira was happy. She and Kasia immediately understood each other. Yin and Yang met. They eat together, sleep together, play together. The game complex had to be upgraded for two cats. Now physical training is at a high level. Together. They are the same, but at the same time different.

Samira and Cassiopeia

Samira, named after the queen, behaves accordingly. She is sedate, wise. You can talk with her about serious things. She loves order, observes the regime. At exactly 9 p.m. everyone should go to bed. She will not lag behind and will call until you lie down. Then she lay peacefully next. The rise is exactly at 4.00. Over time, she never makes a mistake.

Now she has kittens and now she wakes me up with a look - "Now it's your turn to look after the children", and goes to bed.

But the main nanny is Casia. She has so much enthusiasm that now there are many. She is a very positive lady. You can laugh with her. She loves to play pranks, but only at this time I have to sit and look at her. Without viewers, she is not interested. She can do everything in 5 minutes. And drink tea with me, and look out the window, and check the fish in the aquarium, and play with the kids, and just run around. Kasia we have a fidget. She has a playful mood 25 hours a day, but there is a mood when she wants to be pitied. Then she comes up and softly lies down on my shoulder. I start stroking her and talking to her. She loves it very much.

When you come home, then all the hardships remain beyond the threshold. My girls will always meet me, calm me down, make me smile back.

When I with them, life makes sense. I love them very much. We can’t live without each other.

Now they’re nearby, helping me to type.

They are different in character, but they complement each other. These are cats with their own individuality, inherent only in the Burmese breed. I am grateful to the fate that brought me to this wonderful breed and I regret that I did not know about it before.

Now we are together. We have mutual love, friendship and care. Only TWO Burmese cats can be better than one Burmese cat.


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