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Burmese cats breed

Burmese is an amazing cat, a simple contemplation of which can bring great aesthetic pleasure. Anyone who has ever seen a burmese will never forget it.

At the mention of it, imagine an alright folded animal with silky fur, playing in the sun and penetrating into the very heart of the gaze of golden eyes. In cats with golden eyes, the character, as expected, is golden. Although, looking at the European burmese, which, due to the structural features of the eyelids, have a heavya look from the bottom, you can never say that these cats can be very sociable and don’t have a soul in their master. But this is actually so. The look of these cats is very serious, but the temper is light and flexible.

An interesting feature of a Burmese cat is its weight. It cannot be identified by eye, especially if it is a cat. And cats, as you know, have the most pronounced breed qualities. So, “Burmese weight” will always be a surprise for you, because it is not determined by the size of the animal. Burmese is always heavier than it sounds. The Americans call them - "a brick wrapped in silk."

And now about the main thing - the nature of Burmese cats, for which they are loved all over the world. The nature of burmese is very strongly attached to it. Burmese is called a “cat-dog” because more than anything else, it needs the society of a person, as well as other animals, be it cats or dogs. Burmese can be safely taken to an already established collective of pets, even if they are aged cats or large dogs. Burmese is very contact and loves to win the love of others. She is a conqueror by nature, she loves to win hearts and space, burmese will not calm down until she gets her own.

This is a cat-leader, with a very strong will and energy. She simply cannot go unnoticed, her personality is too bright. And there is nothing wrong with that, because once having fallen in love with herself, she will never disappoint and betray. Burmese does not depart from a person, loves to sit on his lap, sleep with him, best of all, huddled, and poke his forehead in his face - “butt”.

The state of the burmese is very closely related to the state of their owners. These cats will always be near and will share with us both happiness and grief. And in moments of despairthey will do anything to support and cheer you up. We just love them and are loved by them - without any subjunctive mood - and there is nothing more beautiful than friendship with a Burmese cat.

Burmese cats are highly intelligent, cheerful, curious and gentle animals. The playing burmese is reminiscent of both a clown and an acrobat: a purposeful look, precision in movements, loose like a squirrel's tail and completely unpredictable jumps and somersaults. Despite the severity and apparent clumsiness, the Burmese are very jumping and agile, they like to work for the public. Most of their jumps in pursuit of a toy - especially for you, for enthusiastic spectators.

Colors of Burmese cats

According to official standards, there are relatively few Burmese colors. There are currently only 10.

  • Brown (Sable) BURn
    • Color: Warm dark brown
    • Nose: Brownish black
    • Paw pads: Brownish black
  • Chocolate (Chocolade) BURb
    • Color: Warm tone of milk chocolate
    • Nose: Chocolate
    • Paw pads: Cinnamon or chocolate color
  • Blue BURa
    • Color: Bluish-gray with a warm tint
    • Nose: Bluish-gray
    • Paw pads: Bluish-gray
  • Purple (Lilac) BURc
    • Color: Light, delicate, blue-gray with a pink tint
    • Nose: Purple
    • Paw pads: Purple
  • Red (BURd)
    • Color: Warm orange
    • Nose: Pink
    • Paw pads: Pink
  • Cream BURe
    • Color: Pastel cream
    • Nose: Pink
    • Paw pads: Pink
  • All of the above colors in tortoiseshell versions:
    • Sable Turtle - BURd
    • Chocolate Turtle - BURh
    • Blue Cream Turtle - BURg
    • Creme Turtle - BURj

What color of burmese would you not take. You will get not only amazingly beautiful cat with an angelic character that will decorate your house, but also a reliable friend who will share with you all the joys and sorrows.

For all colors, the lower body is slightly lighter than the back and limbs. In kittens and young animals, tiger moire and a slightly lighter body color are possible. Marks have low contrast, are generally uniform in color. All colors without any stripes and moire.

Description of Burmese appearance
(morphological characteristics)

Body of medium size and length. It should be more muscular, strong and compact than it seems at first glance. The chest is developed and rounded in profile. The back is straight from the shoulders to the lower back.

The limbs are thin. Feet are graceful and oval.

The tail is even and medium length, not thick at the base, slightly tapering to a rounded tip.

The head is a short blunt wedge, slightly rounded on top and fairly wide between the ears. Wide cheekbones. Wide jaws and strong chin. Cats have well-developed cheeks. A nose with a marked depression at the base.

Ears of medium size, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips and wide set. The outer line of the ears continues the line of the upper part of the muzzle. In profile, the ears are slightly tilted forward.

The eyes are set wide, large, with the upper line of the eyes passing to the nose in an oriental manner, and the bottom line is rounded. Eye color: all shades from yellow to amber, vibrant and shiny. Golden yellow is preferred.

The coat is very short, thin and shiny, snug against the body, almost without undercoat. Silky to the touch.


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