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About cat wisdom

When buying a Burmese kitten in our kennel, common questions are often asked such as what the kittens eat, the nature of whether they can get along with young children or other animals. Of course, one of the main issues is the socialization of our kittens.

All cats of the SUN Aili cattery live with us and therefore, from birth, they get used to human society. The breeder is an assistant for the cat - we buying box for claws, game complexes, toys, bowls for food and water, sun loungers, houses and of course a cat tray and cleaning, but part of the educational process lies with the older burmese cattery.

It is adult cats that teach children to drink, eat, use a clawcloth and a toilet. Kids as they grow older with great desire repeat everything after the Burmese mother). Our Burmese people are very intelligent, neat and caring parents, so there is no spoiled furniture or bad smell in the nursery. All physiological needs are dealt with by pets in the right places specially designated for this.

European Burmese is an amazing cat breed that requires a minimum of care and great love from the owner.


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