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Our Burmese Kittens

You can reserve and buy lovely burmese kitten in the Sun Aili cattery. You can cal by phone or by convenient messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram). Or you can come to the cattery and choose someself.

Cats grow and are raised in love for each pet. Burmese kittens are ready for 3 months to move to another house. To this day, the necessary medical services are carried out on schedule. Competent education - accustoming to the cat toilet, to claw-point, the age menu is gradually expanding.

All Burmese of Sun Aili are officially registered in the cat's club. Future owners receive a full package of documents (contract of sale (transfer), veterinary certificate, metric and others). By agreement, we will assist in delivery to another region.

The new family for burmese will definitely be advised on care and feeding. We will talk about the character of the baby.

Our Burmese kittens can be bought for breeding work or as a pet, pre-castrated by a veterinarian.

The pedigree of cats is additionally shown on the сats-breeders page.

You choose a Burmese purebred, beautiful, genetically healthy and well-bred kitten for yourself, and our cattery chooses a responsible, loving parents for our Burmese!


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